Rum cocktails are fantastic and are often the most popular drinks in any bar program. Historically, rum cocktails tend toward sweeter and fruity. This characteristic stems from the flavor and style of molasses-based rums. With Batiste Rhum, we honor traditional rum cocktails and recommend using less sweetener and focus on creating a delicate balance of flavors allowing all ingredients to stand out.


Silver Cocktails

Batiste Rhum Silver is dry, light and aromatic. The liquid instantly takes on the flavors and aromas of any added ingredients that one might use. Generally speaking, with Batiste Rhum Silver, cocktails the “less is more” approach works best.

Gold Cocktails

Gold rums are the standard for rum cocktails, because virtually all molasses-based rum in the world is gold. Batiste Rhum Gold has a unique flavor profile that works wonderfully in classic rum cocktails as well as being a crossover to other drinks that use other spirits.

Reserve Cocktails

Batiste Rhum Reserve runs the line between a sipping rum and a sipping rye. Dry, bold, and like all Batiste Rhum products, Reserve mixes well in any recipe—traditional or contemporary.