What makes a great rum?

Taste, mixability, and how it makes your feel are at the top of the list.  How you get there makes all the difference. 

We believe that superior ingredients, tools and techniques are the basic requirements in making a great rum. In Batiste Rhum, we add that it must be made in an environmentally positive way.

How do you do that?

In our rums, we use locally grown, traceable fresh ingredients.  We monitor for cleanliness and use no additives or sweeteners. We use renewable energy to power the operations. We recycle production waste as part of a regenerative agricultural program. We select freight and packaging based on energy efficiency, recyclability and waste impacts.

Great rums are guided by a solid philosophy:

We believe the ethics, expectations and worldview found in All Natural Foods are best suited for making great rum.  Our guiding pillars are environmental stewardship, fair trade and simplicity.

These attributes added together create the First Sustainable American Craft Rum, which we think is pretty great for you and the planet.




Above all, we emphasize clean production as championed in the All Natural Foods industry.  This influences our choice of barrels and the length of time we age.

First, using a high-char barrel makes for an exceptionally clean product, as activated charcoal is a purifying agent.  The health benefits of activated charcoal are numerous, we recommend you study them for personal use outside of adult-beverage consumption.  Second, we use American Rye Whiskey barrels.  Like sugarcane, rye is a perennial grass.  This similarity makes for naturally harmonious and lovely taste.  Lastly, we take a page from Tequila aging techniques, only aging as long as necessary to add depth and unique flavor while maintaining the superior qualities of fresh sugarcane juice.

Batiste Rhum Silver – Unaged.  Silver is the purest expression of the best sugarcane in the world.  With only a light touch…minimal time fermenting & distilling…and clean handling, it is as close to Distilled Sunshine as you can get.

Batiste Rhum Gold –  Aged 6 months.  The most poignant review of Batiste Rhum Gold came from Will Hoekenga at The American Rum Report: “A mellower version of the Silver”.  This is exactly what we were after.  Batiste Rhum Gold is a single-batch production aged for 6 months in American Rye Barrels.  No additives, no caramels, no anything else.  Compare to any other gold rum and you will be astounded by how clean, easy and deserving of the term “Gold” this rum is.

Batiste Rhum Reserve – Aged 24 months.  Like Batiste Rhum Gold, Reserve sits in American Rye Whiskey Barrels, taking on color and depth without additives.  But the extra 18 months and higher bottling proof at 45% result in a unique rum that blurs the lines between rum and the world’s finest whiskeys.